About Us

Afghanistan Traders & Investors Union is a non-profit association established in 2007 under the license of the Ministry of Justice. This union is operating under the supervision of 10 board directors with 5,000 active members in various sectors and industries of Afghanistan.

The union has three governing committees which are listed below:

  • General Assembly Meeting
  • Board of Directors
  • Board of Management

The ATIU General Assembly Meeting is the highest level of decision-making in the ATIU organizational structure, held once a year to make decisions on board of directors’ appointments, ATIU organizational structure approval, ATIU article of association approval & amendment, & other issues mentioned in the article of association.

The Board of Directors, which consists of 9 individuals, is the second highest level of decision-making. The board meetings are held regularly and are responsible for supervising and monitoring the performance of the board. of management, making recommendations to improve the organization, debating reports submitted by the board of management, calling General Assembly Meetings, appointing key positions on the board of management, and other duties outlined in the articles of association.

The Board of Management is the third level of decision-making and is responsible for implementing ATIU policies, processes, strategies, and plans, as well as carrying out ATIU’s day-to-day operations in a sound and successful manner. The board participates actively in government economic counsel and submits ATIU ideas for economic growth and development, as well as member problems for solution-finding.

Despite having abundant resources and industrial potential, Afghanistan is still an importer of its neighbors and industrialized countries. The economic situation and other macroeconomic indicators should be improved by implementing strong and successful investment policies and programs, especially in the mining, industrial, and agricultural sectors. Pressuring the government to provide financial resources in the national budget, passing laws and regulations to stimulate investment, simplifying paperwork procedures in public institutions, and adopting other initiatives based on interaction with the private sector. The aforementioned goal will not be achieved unless an organization is created and developed where all businessmen and investors can gather and share their ideas and suggestions for economic growth and development. therefore, it is our responsibility to provide solutions to existing problems in the country by creating solutions and opportunities to solve existing problems through empowering the commercial and industrial sectors with meetings and investment opportunities.