Founder Message

Abdul Hadi Farhang was born in 1972 in the Khost farang district of Baghlan Province.
Completed his primary education in pul-e-khumri and secondary education In Kabul.
After a while, he entered Kabul University, where he completed his studies In social sciences, and at the same time had other responsibilities, including The responsibility of the afghan chambers of commerce and industry. After a long time, due to her interest, he established the traders and Investors union to solve the problems of traders and investors.
Since the establishment of this union, it has organized several domestic and Foreign exhibitions and meetings, and through this union, it has been able To do a great service in the field of trade, businessmen, and investors of Afghanistan.
And it can be said that Alhaj Abdul Hadi Farhang is a capable and service Person in the field of trade.
He has written and published many books, the most important of which is The book between Afghanistan and Iran, which is a useful work for trade Between the two countries.