Domestic Products Traders & Exporters Union is a non-profit association established in 2023 under the license of the Ministry of Justice. This union is operating under the supervision of 10 board directors with 100 active members in various sectors and industries of Afghanistan.

Our Goals:

Article 9:

  1. Supporting from legal rights of union members.
  2. Providing better services, productions, and exports by union members.
  3. Solving the interpersonal problems among union members by mediation following Islamic Provisions.
  4. Providing the basis of unity for better relationships and partnership between union members.
  5. Improving the stage of knowledge, and capacity of technical and professional union members.
  6. Cooperation to protect from illegal production and exports of goods.

Our activities:

Article 10:

To achieve the goals mentioned in Article 9 of the statute, the Union performs the following activities:

  1. Provides better services for union members and encourages them to better and good quality products as per world standards.
  2. Attract the Emirati authorities to solve legal problems of union members and try to create suitable conditions for activities of imports and exports and create the traditional conferences and exhibitions and exports.
  3. Provides base of partnership better relationships between union members.
  4. Collects information about payment of reality of production tax on specific time and other subjects that should have profit for the emirate.
  5. Pay the ground for increasing the level of technical capacity of union members, sorting the package, loading, and evacuation of the export of goods.
  6. Cooperation with the Emirati authorities to protect from illegal productions and exports.

DPTEU Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/DPTEU123